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          Recent Orders

          Daily Deals

          Why buy from SuntekStore.com?

          About Us

          We've been online since 2001. SuntekStore is now a household name that offers cool gadgets and accessories at bargain prices. Here you can find massive range of first-rate solar products such as solar chargers, solar lights, solar toys, solar fountains, solar panels etc. .

          Why Us?

          • Low-price.
          • Free shipping.
          • 60-day return policy.
          • Easy to order. No need to register.
          • Excellent reputation (as surveyed by TrustPilot).

          Trust Us

          • Read the reviews at TrustPilot. They can't be too wrong!
          • We've been around for more than 10 years. Scammers don't exist that long.
          • You pay using your PayPal account or Credit Card via the PayPal Website option. Paypal is the world's leading secure online payment system, and you're fully guaranteed by Paypal's Buyer Protection.

          Return Policy

          Please contact us within 60 days of receiving your product. We'll provide you with a RMA number and a specific return address you must use when sending your RMA package. You're responsible for the return shipping fee. We reserve the right to refuse any returns or exchanges for any reasons.


          We airmail directly from Hong Kong, China. You may (or may not) have to pay import duties to your local customs. It's your responsibility to check any restrictions or duties with them before you place the order. Generally speaking, you don't need to pay import duties for low-value orders.

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